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Rated people tradesGet access to free quotes from over 50,000 UK tradespeople, including builders, electricians, roofers, plumbers & more.Each month, Rated People connects over 50,000 homeowners with quality tradesmen - simply enter your job details above to get started. Get up to three quotes. We'll match your job to the relevant tradesmen in your area - those interested will pay to see your contact details and call you to quote. Select a tradesmanSimplicity is also important to Rated People. Finding a tradesperson to do a good job for a good price takes time. “With online directories, you still need to reach.A man lost a huge sum of money after paying for fake tradespeople listed. He handed over the cash to a contractor listed on the Rated People. Rated People is an online home services marketplace that aims to connect homeowners with high quality local tradespeople. The company.Discuss Trust a trader, checkatrade, rated people in the Electrical Forum. Actually had a check-a-trade rep come round my house yesterday.Find a tradesman in your area with Rated People. One of the surest ways to find local tradespeople you can trust is through reviews and recommendations.

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They decided to lay, ignore and keep the side of racist and someone that promoting criminality behavior using swearing language and threatening language on trade public profile, that is running under name and surname.Galus General Building Service's Rated people do not check qualification, or references, they allow trades people to put up photo's of other work, and they don't care. " data-username="Jan s." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Jan S." data-details="Photo uploaded on 12/10/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/ratedpeople.com#photo_144733" data-browse-link="/photos/ratedpeople.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Rated People photos" Tradesman Stay Clear of Rated People Fake leads fake clients Gypsy site Liars liars They will rip you off £70 vat a mont (painter) leads Job with budget max £500 cost you £35 VAT Gypsy prices with no work guaranteed!!!! Let's put it simple ; Rated people always always somehow finds a new way to rip off poor tradesmen , Also they really hate in replying to tradesmen especially when it comes to dealing with bogus leads etc . The review was removed by Tradepeople because did not follow the guideline.A roofer posted photo's of my roof, but I could not write a review as I did not employ him vis this site, I did employ him Happy Tops Roofing, but my roof is leaking and I cannot upload any comments or images, and the customer team informed me that the tradesperson can put what they like on their profile, regardless if it true or not Site is ok, but the quality of the work done by the tradesmen advertising is obviously not checked. Darren M calls himself Four Seasons (more like Bodge it &Co) terrible job. So rated people needs to work on those issues for the genuine traders .thats the only reason tradesmen have lost their interest in it .. You get scammed and you are suppose to be also nice with the Tradesman with the reviews. Plus I was contacted by the trademan and start to threat me Mafia style..... The site only keeps good reviews I posted a bad one and it was taken off and I was banned from using the site .The tradesman wanted more money so left my work incomplete and rubbish all over my driveway also had an out burst on the comments section and what's app but rated people just decided to take the customer and the bad review off the site Do not trust the site and the reviews " data-username="Preaty  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Preaty M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 9/25/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/ratedpeople.com#photo_129442" data-browse-link="/photos/ratedpeople.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Rated People photos" " data-username="Preaty  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Preaty M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 9/25/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/ratedpeople.com#photo_129443" data-browse-link="/photos/ratedpeople.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Rated People photos" " data-username="Preaty  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Preaty M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 9/25/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/ratedpeople.com#photo_129444" data-browse-link="/photos/ratedpeople.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Rated People photos" " data-username="Preaty  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Preaty M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 9/25/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/ratedpeople.com#photo_129445" data-browse-link="/photos/ratedpeople.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Rated People photos" " data-username="Preaty  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Preaty M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 9/25/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/ratedpeople.com#photo_129446" data-browse-link="/photos/ratedpeople.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Rated People photos" Who manages this organization, these tiefs a goverment???I know what I talking about after 13 years of membership.

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Fake leads, dodgy customers, lying customer service - full of mess. Even you will contact someone most of job is impossible to do becouse of customers budget. So I can recommend it for people who like working for 40 pound a day :) Plumber gave me a time to come between 9 and 1. They called at 2pm to say they would be there at 3. I hgave them a one star review for wasting my morning and Rated People overturned it because they turned up at 2pm! We have decided to try Rated People during the winter as it is quiet and were hoping to find more work through them.Funny low customers budget - I am not surpriced that most of houses are soo bad. For example one of my customers wish to build sliding door wardrobe with mirrors 2 m width under 1000 £. Don'ttrust Rated People - they are liars and the platform is meaningless - the firm concerned was a big firm - seems dodgy to me! Unfortunately, Rated People have been robing us big time and so far they did not offer anyting but lies. I am trying to close my account for over one year now, still no success.They offer you 14 days test period which is not enough time for you to figure out how bad their service is. More often than not the phone number doesn't work. 75% of customers won't reply to text, chat or e-mail messages. A maximum of 3 tradesmen can buy the lead but the customer will often take the first one to respond if they want the job done quick, the other two will get ignored. They phone number don't work if you write them they don't answer, you can't get any help and year pass they still taking money from account. Pt eternity trading. We opted for two leads per month and for the 16 leads we have been sent so far only one customer responded. " data-username="Robert  R." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Robert R." data-details="Photo uploaded on 7/5/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/ratedpeople.com#photo_117641" data-browse-link="/photos/ratedpeople.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Rated People photos" I would give 0 star. They saying 3 people only can by job leads, but I see sou many times same leads, same description available to buy 2 or 3 even 4 times.All the others were dead leads as the supposed client would not answer their phone and would not reply to our numerous emails. If you complain to Rated People, they will not allow your money back for any of these leads because Rated People have a limit on the amount of leads you can return which is 10% even though 99% of their leads in my oppinion are fake. When I found out that the "customers" can place an advert for free I knew I made a mistake by joining rated people. When you by leads most times they tell you they change the mind and decide not to do any work.If you want to file official complaint, they would not have it and send you to debt collectors straight away. Only joined 1 week ago, £70 out of pocket and 5 leads later not one person answered the phone or returned an email. I bet most of the adverts are fake, to get us traders to buy dead leads. Or they tell you that price including materials which it's no on descriptions. AVOID AVOID AVOID I cancelled my payments to this company after growing tired of fake leads, they chased me for £20 owed on the account sold the debt on to a debt collecting agency who increased the debt to £160 and are still harassing be for the money.You are not allowed to cancel your membership if you are not happy with their service and they will not try to resolve the issue whatsoever. In fact 2 of the numbers were invalid and didn't even ring, just got number not in use message! Called customer services, they tried the numbers their end and guess what they said? I cannot believe that this company are allowed to do what they do! I have managed to get my account closed within the 14 days cooling off period thank God!!! I have been in business 40 years as a tradesman providing quality service in a professional manner, if you're thinking of signing up with these people FORGET IT !! 6 months later rated people illegally took £76 out of my bank account, I tried calling their customer service line and was met with message after message saying that their services were down, I then tried from a friends phone and their services miraculously worked from his line so after taking payment from my account have blocked me from being able to call them.

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Rated people tradesWhen you arrive at Rated People's office on the south bank of the Thames, you. of the trades industries” – Celia Francis, CEO, Rated People.Rated People's top competitors are BIZZBY, Checkatrade and Bidvine. platform that allows homeowners to discover and connect with local tradespeople.Discover how Rated People gives the opportunity for tradespeople to meet. Pokemon trading card pc. Let's face it, running an trade contracting business isn't easy and you are pestered. The latest are Rated People, My Builder and Checkatrade.Last year, UK households posted more than one million domestic trade jobs worth around £2bn on the Rated People platform. This year, they expect this to.A spokesman for Rated People, a website which advertises the services of builders, carpenters and other workers, said that the "reality" for.

So save your money and stay away from fraud company! Absolutely disgusting service as a tradesman I was quiet one month joined didn't realise joined a 12month contract didn't read small print apparently showly should be more visible. I have been on Rated People for over three years, it was never that good but it has got steadily worse(and consequently I rarely use it now and will leave as soon as my contract is up) here is just a couple of the reasons: The prices for the job leads were expensive to begin with but now they are just crazy!Nothing they could do for me phoned numerous times. Previously they reimbursed you(under certain conditions) when the job lead was non existent, or you was unable to quote for some reason but now they will reimburse a maximum of 20% of your job leads over a 3 month period, so no matter how much you spent, or for whatever reason you are a claiming a refund you will not get 4 out of 5 of your refunds back, its infuriating, its like just giving money to rated people(which they obviously spend on their advertising campaigns and search engine optimizations experts.So for 12 months I haven't used there service but they took my money happily. Often the customer have just changed their mind about going ahead with the job, or the jobs already gone, or whatever, and there goes your £60 down the drain! Cara belajar forex indonesia. Ring Rated people and they are just like robots spouting from a pre prepared list of statements and will not reimburse you under any circumstances.The setup, by its very nature is a race to the bottom for us trades people, i.get the job you have to go in cheap and often you do that knowing its the only chance of getting the job, to only not get the work because someone has gone in cheaper.When you take of rated Peoples fees, if you actually end up getting the job its peanuts for small jobs!

Rated people trades

RATED PEOPLE LIMITED. Primary trade Bathroom fitter. Not yet rated.We're incredibly proud of the work our tradespeople complete on Rated People, here's an example of an amazing hair salon transformation to get you inspired!Minter Dialogue with Celia Francis Celia Francis is CEO of Rated People, a marketplace in the UK for tradespeople, such as plumbers and. Olymp trade kisah sukses. I contacted them and demand an answer, they just said they will take the job down. Rated people are just a money making of the traders are are actually verified didn't even ask for my public liability insurance or any other they wanted was the signup fee and I was all of a sudden a "rated person" rated people have just terminated my membership for no reason whatsoever. They not even asking for qualifications coz if the did then 75% would be down on their asses crying.I have spent close to £1500 with them and had nothing but good ratings. i am a tradesman, have been using your system for some time.They are ignorant and rude when you question them about poor leads and will not refund even when i accidentally bought a lead for my sister in law who i dont speak to!! I have reason to believe that some of the recent leads i have bought from your company are totally fake.

Rated People Rated people are probably to second most popular trade recommendation site in the UK. They turn the Checkatrade model on its head by focussing on the tradesman. This does have its benefits as it means a low monthly fee of £15 per month and then you only pay for the leads you want.They are all the same parasitic limpets living off the trades persons back. I joined rated people to my dismay I did not have to prove anything to.The latest Tweets from Rated People @RatedPeople. collaboration with our database of tradespeople all over the country, there's some surprises in there. Trade pics. All they ask for is a few bits of paperwork to proof your identity. A splash of colour can make all the difference, don't believe us?Take a look at this beautiful apartment renovation in Paris for proof here 🟡 bit.ly/2QVWjv V #Design #Interior Design #Home Renovations pic.twitter.com/sxc KIAeg Im We're incredibly proud of the work our tradespeople complete on Rated People, here's an example of an amazing hair salon transformation to get you inspired!

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💇‍♀️😍 #Transformation Tuesday #hairsalon #homeimprovement #DIY pic.twitter.com/FNy Gc92M21 Unsure how smart technology can benefit your home?Check out this blog we put together easing some of your concerns and detailing some benefits 🏡 You can read it here bit.ly/2QRA9uz #Smart Homes #Io T #tech #startups #Rated People pic.twitter.com/94w41td Ei I If you're stuck and want to find which Christmas movies were the most destructive, check out this blog we put together in collaboration with our database of tradespeople all over the country, there's some surprises in there 😉 bit.ly/2ERRj Tq Check out this spacious open plan living room and bedroom transformation!We love the use of exposed brick and wooden palettes for the bed frame 👌 whats your favourite part of the room? Buy forex and stop loss. #Transformation Tuesday pic.twitter.com/d1P8hu4RQ6 ❄️ MERRY CHRISTMAS ❄️ With the festive season in full swing we wanted to give you a quick heads up regarding our Customer Service opening hours.🕓 Whatever the issue, no matter how big or small, our team will be on hand to help during the following hours 🙂 pic.twitter.com/0w Dv8u Js VY Home Renovations don't have to be this hard!Take the stress out of DIY and find your local tradesmen via the following link..

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Bit.ly/2S4h Rb M #The Simpsons #Transformation Tuesday pic.twitter.com/Z05a K3ABV9 👩‍🔧77% of tradespeople have had clients refuse to pay and 🏚️24% of homeowners say they have been ripped off That's why we've partnered with @Rated People to offer #Protected Payments to protect both sides when it comes to settling the bill! pic.twitter.com/Q4BKAil Teo Our phone lines are down this morning but we've got a great team on the case!If you need to get in touch in the meantime, you can reach us through here: bit.ly/2Gi5ou D pic.twitter.com/MPmu Y8G50a Much like a tin of tartan paint, our inflatable dartboard doesn't exist, but our competition does!If you can cope with more puns than a Sun newspaper headline, enter here to win a Dunlop Sport dartboard with wooden cabinet & 2 sets of darts 🎯bddy.me/2TPk5cr pic.twitter.com/ekqtod B4KK The search is on for the UK’s most talented electrician!

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